1001 Optical

the brief.

To improve conversion rate and traffic online, and brand visuals to tell a premium brand story.

what we did.

  • Website redesign
  • Data collection & analysis
  • Implemented data analytics suite
  • Created and executed A/B test plan
  • Implemented learnings
  • Implemented Growth Initiatives for owned channels, specifically EDM database
  • Strategized and Implemented Paid Social Funnel strategy
  • Content strategy overhaul
  • Content creation for socials
  • Build and executed paid social funnels
  • Website re-platform from WooCommerce/WordPress to Shopify
  • Audit and implement operational strategy

what happened.

  • Improved conversion rate by 186%
  • Increased AOV by 14%
  • Increased online revenue by 400%
  • Acheived an average ROAS on Paid Social of 8x