The X Cartel

the brief.

Improve conversion rate & make website editable by the client. Additionally, host influencer led campaign events with high profile key persons of influence to spread the brand's message.

what we did.

  • Complete audit of website and infrastructure
  • Concluded that re-platform was required to achieve business goals - from developer reliant ProcessWire to Shopify
  • Rebuild and redesign of site with focus on both backend usability/customisability and conversion rate
  • Implemented data analytics suite
  • Created and executed A/B test plan
  • Implemented learnings

what happened.

  • Increased conversion rate by 128%
  • Created a sustainable and non developer reliant website i.e. 99% of cosmetic changes are able to be changed by the client
  • Increased revenue by 76%
  • Decreased page load speed by 15 seconds
  • Improved the google page insights rating from 4/100 to 92/100
  • 412 pieces of editorial and social media coverage over this period.
  • Increase in traffic of +218%
  • Hosted 4 high profile events in Sydney totalling over 100 Key Australian influencers and media including styling, attendee management, followup, brand partnerships